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Below are the breakout sessions for One Life Weekend 2023!


How Do I Grow as a Christian?

Led by: K.J. Pugh

Senior Pastor - Alberta Baptist Church


This breakout will explore the various means that the Lord uses to grow his people in the faith so that his rule and reign comes to bear on every area of our lives.


Is Hell Real?

Led by: Jon Wiggins

Senior Pastor - Skyland Baptist Church

Over a hundred people are dying every minute. Most are them are not Christians. Most of them will never experience anything better than their worst moments on earth because hell is real.


How to Study the Bible

Led by: Michael Crosswhite

Senior Pastor - Emmanuel Baptist Church


Reading the bible can oftentimes feel really daunting. Students and adults alike read passages but, when we get to the end, we just are not sure what it is we've read. This breakout will cover tools and techniques for better bible reading.

What is Church and Why Should I Go?

Led by: Drew Heurion

Pastor of Preaching and Vision - Five Points Baptist Church


This breakout will help students understand that the church is not an activity or a building but the people of God who gather together in local congregations to worship and serve God together. It will also explore the role of church in the life of a Christian, from participation in a local church as an act of obedience to a means of grace by which the Lord matures his people.

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