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Below are the breakout sessions for One Life Weekend 2024


Suffering and the Christian

Led by: Tom Allen

Associate Pastor - Emmanuel Baptist Church


This breakout will address whether or not Christians are promised health, wealth, and prosperity because of their allegiance to Christ by considering the question: why do bad things happen to good people?


Can I Trust the Bible?

Led by: Jon Wiggins

Senior Pastor - Skyland Baptist Church

The Bible. This is the authority for Christian life and doctrine. However, it is such an old book. Can anyone actually trust that the Bible is true?



Led by: Troy Nicholson

Elder - Safe Haven Church


The good news of Christ crucified for the forgiveness of sins and raised for the believer's justification is the greatest news in the whole world. It is news that must be shared! But how do we tell others about the death and resurrection of Christ?

Does it Matter What I Believe?

Led by: Matthew Griffitts

Students - Capstone Church


This breakout will consider whether or not we can believe what we want, based on what we think is best for us, or if there is one absolute truth, which we must believe if we would have peace with God. 

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