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One Life Weekend is a Disciple Now event for middle and high school students established through the cooperation of local churches. Through this event, students will be encouraged to consider the question: You only have one life to live, what are you going to do with it?

One Life Weekend is built on four principles:

1) Love for God expressed in desires to see worship of Him spread through our city, state, nation, and world.

2) Love for students and a desire to see them find their deepest joy in knowing God and worshiping and serving him in the world he has made.

3) Love for Tuscaloosa as we strive together to reach more students and their families with the gospel and thus see worship of God spread through our city.

4) Love for our sister churches and a desire to partner with them in reaching our city.

These principals lead to four points of emphasis for the event:

1) The Gospel. We believe that salvation is only available through repentance of sins and belief in Jesus Christ (Romans 1:16, 10:9-11). Therefore, the Gospel will be communicated clearly and consistently.

2) Expository Preaching. We believe the Bible is true and authoritative for the Christian and is the only source for sound doctrine (2 Timothy 3:14-17). Therefore, we believe expository preaching is the best way to present the Scriptures as it most clearly explains and applies the biblical text.  We believe that this honors God and strengthens his people. 


3) The Supremacy of Christ. We believe that Jesus, following his resurrection from the dead, reigns over all things in heaven and on earth. We believe this authority is given by the Father for taking on the likeness of man to die in the place of sinners (Matthew 28:18; 1 Corinthians 15:24-27; Philippians 2:9-11). We believe that Christ is exalted as his people strive to see worship of Him spread throughout the world. Therefore, students will be challenged to leverage their whole lives for the spread of His kingdom to the glory of God.

4) The local church. We believe that all who repent of sins and believe in Jesus Christ have been united to Him by the Spirit in the Universal Church (Ephesians 2:13-21). We believe that the local church is a means of grace through which God strengthens and matures his people. We believe that our union with Christ establishes unity among all who believe in Him for salvation. Therefore, we value cooperation between local churches as a display of the unifying power of the Gospel and as a means to see worship of Christ increase in our community.

Partner Churches

One Life Weekend is the collaborative effort of the following churches:

Alberta Baptist Church

Emmanuel Baptist Church

Skyland Baptist Church

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