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One Life Weekend is a conference for middle and high school students. It was established in 2020 through the cooperation of local Baptist churches. The event is built around a simple belief: You only have one life to live. Spend it worshiping and serving Jesus in and through the local church.

One Life Weekend is built around four loves:

1) Love for God. We long to see worship of our God and King spread through our city, state, nation, and world. We deeply desire the exaltation of God as students and adults find their greatest joy and satisfaction in him.

2) Love for the local church. We long to see students grow a deep love for the church. We desire to model healthy corporate worship that students may come to trust the ordinary means of grace as the means by which God establishes and matures faith in his people.

3) Love for students. We long to see students forsake the cheap pleasures of the world and to instead see Christ and the life he gives as the greatest treasure. We desire for students to find their deepest joy in knowing God and in worshiping and serving him in the world he has made.

4) Love for our city, state, nation, and world. We long to see worship of God spread through our city as our churches reach more students and their families with the gospel. We desire to see students, who are deeply satisfied in Christ, sent out to universities and workplaces throughout our city, state, nation, and world to proclaim Christ wherever he plants them.

These loves demand that we emphasis the following at One Life Weekend:

The Supremacy of Christ. We believe that Jesus, following his resurrection from the dead, reigns over all things in heaven and on earth. We believe this authority is given by the Father for taking on the likeness of man to die in the place of sinners (Matthew 28:18; 1 Corinthians 15:24-27; Philippians 2:9-11). We believe that Christ is exalted as his people strive to see worship of him spread throughout the world. Therefore, students will be challenged to leverage their whole lives for the spread of his kingdom to the glory of God.

The Gospel. We believe that salvation is only available through repentance of sins and belief in Jesus Christ (Romans 1:16, 10:9-11). Therefore, the Gospel will be communicated clearly and consistently in our preaching, teaching, singing, and praying.

Expository Preaching. We believe the Bible is true and authoritative for the Christian and is the only source for sound doctrine (2 Timothy 3:14-17). We believe that the scriptures are inerrant, truth without mixture of error. We believe that the scriptures are infallible and will not lead us into error. We believe expository preaching is the best way to present the Scriptures as it most clearly explains and applies the biblical text.  We believe that this honors God and strengthens his people. Therefore, our guest preachers will preach expository sermons in each worship gathering.

The Local Church. We believe that the local church is an ordinary means of grace through which God strengthens and matures his people. We believe God's people are to prioritize the weekly gathering of the local church where they pray God's word, sing God's word, and hear God's word preached (Hebrews 10:24-25; 2 Timothy 3:16 - 4:2). We believe the local church is where God's people correct, encourage, and exhort one another by God's word towards godly living (Galatians 6:1-2). We believe the local church is where God's people are equipped for the work of ministry and guarded from error (Ephesians 4:11-16). Therefore, we will structure our services like that of a regular Sunday morning worship service in a local church. 

Healthy Corporate Worship. We believe that God has ordered corporate worship for the good of his people and the glory of his name. We believe that God has prescribed in the scriptures various prayers, singing, and expository preaching as the manner in which his gathered people are to worship him. We believe that this is a grace of God to his people because we do not believe that our hearts can be trusted to lead us to faithful worship of God (Jeremiah 17:9). Therefore, we will structure our worship gatherings according to the scriptures in order that they honor God, trusting in his wisdom and love for his people.

If you would like to learn more about our convictions regarding corporate worship or to see an order of services, please click here.


Partner Churches

One Life Weekend is the collaborative effort of the following churches:

Alberta Baptist Church

Emmanuel Baptist Church

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